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Seeing God as Jesus ...

Slowing thought

Are mentally challenged people in general more spiritual  than us?

Meditation, esoteric / exoteric

Buddhi, some thoughts

Discovering The Yogis Secret

Who Am I? - Zen, Steve Stubbs

deserving help from mahatmas


Hindu story about Krishna - plus thoughts

Kama Loka and devachan: what happens after death?, quotes offered by Dallas Ten Broeck from theosophical classics.

Itzhak Perlman, a story of music and inspiration

The term Theosophy in contemporary science, by Katinka Hesselink

Enlightenment, by members of different e-maillists

Religious Questions, master - disciple story

What is dearest to us, master - disciple story

About the function of a theosophical e-maillist. M K Ramadoss

Theosophical Terminology

Race, identification, and spiritual freedom, different members of Universal Seekers

The One and the Many, different members of Theos-l.

The truth about man - Adam and Eve in the Garden

Emptiness, sunnyata and the Absolute of Blavatsky, Gerald Schueler, Katinka Hesselink, H.P. Blavatsky and Koot Hoomi

Spiritual Life - joke

Ponderings on Life

Magnetic Center, necessary but not sufficient (Gurdjieff), by Paul Johnson

Psychotropics (drugs) and mystical experience, by Nima Hazini, Katinka Hesselink and Elizabeth O. Bickham

The absolute, nirvana and illusion, Leo Bartoli and Jerry Schueler

Magic Trics in spiritual and military training, Grigor Vahan Ananikian

Dzog chen and Blavatsky's relationship to it and other spiritual lineages, including Paul Johnson's books on this subject, by different writers.


Dealing with Fanatics & Behavior on an E-maillist, K.Paul Johnson and Eldon Tucker.

Explanations and Truth, Jim Rodak, Katinka Hesselink, K. Paul Johnson, Jerry Schueler, Ramadoss and Kym Smith. 

H.P. Blavatsky's cosmology: Sikh?, Grigor Vahan Ananikian

Karma, animals and fate, Katinka Hesselink, Mirian M. Costa and Arnaldo Sizzon

Disease and karma, Katinka Hesselink

Guenonians and TS Problem/objects of TS and heretics. Grigor Vahan Ananikian and Katinka Hesselink. 

Monads, reincarnation etc.; Dallas ten Broeck and Jerry Schueler

[wholeness] instructions......, by MaryAnne Stevenson Thompson

The lighter side of religion , by Mirian M. Costa

Occult Science and the laws of nature

Mythic History, an interpretation of HPB in context of Sufi and alchemical tradition, by Grigor Vahan Ananikian 

kundalini, Jerry Schueler

Interview with God

Lucid Dreaming, Jerry Schueler

Some food for thought; why do we need to interpret, Jerry Schueler

Krishnamurti on "Masters and the Path"

Krishnaji, theosophy TS and the Masters

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (Neo-Pagan-style)

Subject: Re: Randy to Alan: the prescient student; astral stuff etc; many links. Maureen T. Fitzgerald

Internet terminology explained

Different theosophies, Alan Bain