Katinka Hesselink

Web Developer

From a young age I was interested in science and technology. I learned to program in basic when I was 12. I read Asimov and the Scientific American as a teen. I day dreamed geometry.

In the late 1990's, studying to become a math and chemistry teacher, I discovered the internet. Google was just starting. What a relief it was to search something and get relevant results in return. I was an early adopter who found a second home in online forums. Everybody who was online back then, knew it was going to be huge. None of us could have imagined today's reality.

The next logical step was setting up a website. This website in fact. It reflected all my interests at the time: education, webdesign and spirituality. It is bilingual (Dutch as well as English). The spiritual stuff soon grew beyond the amateur and in fact in a small niche of that world, this site is still quite prominent.

I learned about HTML and CSS and started making money online (SEO, affiliate marketing). My hobby became my business. I have over 2 dozen websites now and have designed a similar number for clients.

My life has moved on though. Spiritual quotes no longer inspire me as much. Reincarnation no longer fascinates. I have not read a spiritual or religious book in over a year.

My professional life reflects this change. In 2016 I learned Java. I tried out enough to find out what was difficult about object oriented programming (OOP). I thought: too bad it's too late to become a developer. When Codaisseur accepted me into their academy, the dream of being a web developer became more real and I prepared by learning as much Ruby as I could cram into two months.

While almost half my class failed, I passed the Codaisseur Academy in August 2017. I learned Ruby on Rails and React. I have been programming ever since. First I focussed on getting a more solid basis in Javascript and JQuery and now I am working on expanding my experience and deepening my understanding of React and Redux.

You can find my projects at:

Religious and Spiritual Wisdom

This site is dedicated to wisdom, spiritual growth and the impartial study of all religious and spiritual traditions in English and Dutch (Nederlands). You will find quotes and articles that inspire you and set you thinking. Happy exploring!

Do note that this means I deplore all forms of religious violence. This includes violence by radical Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians as well as violence against Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians etc.

I do not believe in judging books by their covers. Each person should be judged by the color of their character, not their skin, gender, religious background or ethnicity.

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